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Post by fh82peter on April 5th 2013, 10:44 pm

Alright guys, not really sure if this is the right place but couldn't find any "other" topic sites but here goes. Lets have your top 5 all time favorite sports game. Any year, any system, etc... Here is mine...

1. Ken Griffey Jr Baseball for Super Nintendo - LOVE this one, Me and my friends would pick our fav teams and change the names to the real roster or change them to our friends and play this game non stop! great memories playing this one.

2. Joe Montana Sports Talk Football for Sega Genesis - man I LOVED this one too! I remember the many battles I had as the 49ers against my buddy who was always the Cowboys. The coolest part was the commentary, famous words like, "he's got daylight" and "Montana back to pass" made this one awesome, not to mention the gameplay was great!

3. Tecmo Bowl for Nintendo - I remember my mom worked for this family and I would go to work with her every now and then and they had this game. It was 20 years ago and I still remember how good Bo Jackson was. lol. You always had to be the Raiders on this one.

4. NBA JAM for Sega Genesis - Not much else to say except "he's on fire"!!!!! Loved the arcade style and it made for some dream match ups in there 2 on 2 format.

5. Madden 13 for XBOX 360 - I know 4 out of my 5 favs are oldies but I really have enjoyed the latest Madden. The new engine really makes the game realistic and fun. I can say it was the Madden that has me believing in EA again and I expect nothing less for years to come.

Well i gotta say that was fun going down memory lane there... Whats your favs?

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Best Ever Sports Games Empty Re: Best Ever Sports Games

Post by Rowdy on April 6th 2013, 9:10 pm

In this order,

1. NASCAR 09
2. Forza Motorsports 4
3. NBA 2k10
4. NHL 13
5. Madden 13

NASCAR 09 was defiantly my favorite game so far. The hours I spent racing with friends and just turning laps by myself were staggering. So many good races with my friends. Too many to mention.

Forza motorsport 4 is another good one for me. I still play this game all the time. Graphics are awesome, physics are amazing, and racing is phenomenal. Tons of good races also took many to mention.

NBA 2k10 was a game that was ok but the online play that it had was awesome. We played team up games with a team that we created "the scoobafishes" lol. Lots of games played and lots of time spent on this game.

NHL 13 is a new game that I picked up and wasn't sure that I would like, a couple of my friends on the friends list had this game and kinda talked me into it. I loved it. The graphics and gameplay are great. Still loving this game.

Madden 13 was definitely the best madden so far. One of my favorite sports games ever. Too bad I don't have it anymore otherwise I would still be playing it today. I have really had the itch here lately since all the free agent news has been coming out. May be purchasing this game again.

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Best Ever Sports Games Empty Re: Best Ever Sports Games

Post by TerryL on June 7th 2013, 11:50 pm

Top games

1) Super Tecmo Bowl - Nes
2) NBA Jam - Snes
3) Hots Shots Golf - Playstation
4) WWF Royal Rumble - Nes
5) Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball, SNES
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Best Ever Sports Games Empty Re: Best Ever Sports Games

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