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The days seem to be getting a little shorter. The nights are getting a little cooler. You may need to grab a jacket on the way out to work in the mornings. What does all this mean to me???? IT’S ALMOST FOOTBALL SEASON!!!! Whether it’s under the lights on a Friday night watching my local high school, driving an hour and a half up I-75 to Commonwealth Stadium, or tuning in to catch a Patriots game on Sunday’s, I can’t wait to have football back! So many stories are shared on the sidelines, reminiscing on days of glory and heartache for a bunch of us. Whether you’ve played the game or been a lifelong fan nothing seems to get ahold of you and stick around, more than football. From September to February fans watch their heroes put their all into making their team’s season a success and ultimately hoist the Lombardi trophy. It’s such a great team game with all positions working together for the good of the team. I want to share my opinion on Johnny Manziel for a bit and what “playbook” I would give him if I were coach down at Texas A&M.

First off, Johnny “Football” is a 20 year old sophomore college student who just so happens to be amazing at extending plays on the gridiron and managed to erupt on the scene last year and become the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy. Not too shabby for a kid 6’1, 200lb kid from Tyler, Texas. Now, not to go downhill so fast, but it’s his off the field antics that have made his spotlight shine bright as of late. Getting himself kicked out of frat parties, tweeting arrogant and obnoxious messages trying to justify his behavior, getting dismissed from the Manning brothers QB camp for Lord knows what, etc… Every day it seems a new story has happened involving his immature behavior. He even went on national TV and said he hoped people didn’t hold him to a higher standard just because he was a Heisman Trophy winner and that he was going to live his life like a 20 year old college kid. Well, Mr. Football… You ARE in a higher standard than any other college athlete.

The Heisman Trophy has been around since 1935 and has been awarded only 77 times. Of all the college football players to ever play the game, that puts Manziel in a class that many dream of but only few can win. His actions are disrespecting the award in my opinion. He tries to justify himself by repeatedly reminding us how old he is and that he’s a normal kid, but he simply is not. Once you win that trophy, you are changed. You have a responsibility to uphold it’s regard to the highest magnitude. He needs guidance. If I were coach of the Aggies the first thing I would do is have a one on one meeting with him and set my expectations. The first time he stepped out of line he’d be dreading starting camp next week I promise you that. He has a chance to shed a light to Texas A&M and help his team mates make their own dreams come true with all the attention he gets, but if he doesn’t get the attention for all the right reasons the negativity will ultimately hurt the university as well as those around him. In his position he is not only responsible for himself but has the burden of being responsible for others. Not all people can handle that burden or what some would call a blessing.

Coach should set an example with him. No social media would be my first rule. He obviously can’t control himself when others are tweeting “hate mail” his way. No questions to be addressed about off the field behavior. He needs to erase this part of the year. No partying. I mean really Johnny, you can’t leave it behind??? May sound a little harsh but think about what is at stake! If he didn’t abide by my rules and live up to my expectations of a Heisman Trophy winning QB, someone who is admired by thousands of kids everywhere, then he could pack his bags and get out of town. Maybe go to somewhere that likes all the negative attention, like USC or Ohio State!!!

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